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Mel's Twin Mattresses

If you’re looking for elegant, affordable twin mattresses, look no further than Mel’s Furniture in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Our selection of twin beds is stylish and comfortable, offering many options that are sure to fit within your budget. Choose from classic wood frames or contemporary styles crafted with metal for both a timeless and modern look at the same time. Kick back, relax, and enjoy quality sleep knowing that your twin bed from Mel's Furniture will provide luxurious comfort all night long!


Twin beds are the smallest of the standard mattress sizes, making them great for tight spaces or single sleepers. The dimensions of a twin mattress typically measure 38 inches by 75 inches, creating just enough sleeping space for one person and making it ideal if you’re looking to save on bedroom space. These mattresses are perfect for single adults who prefer their sleeping area and children who need less sleeping surface. Twin mattresses are an ideal option for homes with limited space because they take up less space than other bed sizes while still providing plenty of sleeping room. Furthermore, twin mattresses can make a room look and feel more spacious by allowing more open floor space which makes the room appear larger. Additionally, twin mattresses are great for accommodating guests or children, making them perfect for smaller homes with limited square footage.


Twin mattresses are the best economical option when it comes to purchasing a sleeping solution. They cost significantly less than other mattresses sizes and can often be found with great deals or savings, making them even more affordable. Twin beds also require fewer materials and resources in their production cycle, resulting in a lower environmental impact. Furthermore, twin beds often come with the most basic of mattress styles, making them ideal for those looking to find a budget-friendly way to sleep comfortably and conveniently. With all these benefits and more, twin mattresses make great low-cost sleeping options that won't break the bank.

We Got Your Back

At Mel's Furniture, we offer a variety of twin mattresses to suit any sleeper's needs. Firm mattresses provide plenty of support and are great for back sleepers, while plush mattresses offer an extra bit of cushioning that is great for side sleepers. Pillow-top mattresses bring even more padding to the surface, providing an exceptionally soft feel. Lastly, memory foam mattresses conform to your body shape and distribute weight evenly to provide relief from joint or muscle pain. Whatever your sleeping style may be, you're sure to find the perfect twin mattress.

Investing in the right mattress can make all the difference when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. At Mel's Furniture in Atlantic City, NJ, you can find high-quality mattresses at affordable prices that will help transform your sleep and make shopping for a new mattress less stressful. With so much to gain from investing in a top-notch mattress, why not visit Mel's Furniture today and find the perfect one for you? Here at Mel's, we have your back!