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At Our Five-Star Mattress Store, Mel’s Gives You Humongo Savings

Come to the Jersey Shore’s premier bargain mattress store if you’re tired of the runaround and high prices in the area and just want a quality soft or firm mattress so you can get a good night’s rest for a change! Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding presents the weary customer with sweet relief thanks to top name brand mattresses at closeout prices. That’s right; you too can have a high-end queen or king mattress from a brand you know, at a deeply discounted price. Our Atlantic City, NJ mattress store carries top brands such as Tempur-Sealy plus the smashing new luxury mattress success, Velika Bed with its natural fibers as well as pocketed coils. Once you get your new full or twin mattress from us and enjoy it, you’ll wonder how you ever got to sleep without Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding having your back. Save a ton, every time, by shopping smart for mattress deals here!

How We Can Give Your Awesome Mattress Deals Every Time

To give you an understanding how owner Ron Weinberg and Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding present you with such huge mattress deals, first we’ll give you the skinny on how all the other places operate. Namely, why mattresses seem so expensive! Sure, their people fall all over you when you walk in but they’re not looking out for you. You’re just a mark. They’re working on commission. Typically that’s from 6% for a mattress set less than $798 up to a whopping $150 commission for every top-of-the-line mattress set over $1200. Wouldn’t you rather get the goodness of gel foam and keep that cash in your pocket? We thought so too. That’s why if you find that awesome California king mattress or any mattress for less anywhere else, we will match and double the savings. Just bring us the competing store’s ad. At Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding you’re talking directly with Ron for a square deal.

Get Phenomenal Mattress Savings By Presenting Coupons In-Store

To make sure you use these mattress deals to improve your comfort and long-term health, Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding gives you the coupons on this page to print out and present in-store at the time of purchase to save still more. So for any twin mattress set (mattress and foundation/box spring) in our showroom that’s $199+, get $25 off. If it’s a full mattress for a cozy night with your partner that you’re after, for all such sets $299+, get $50 off. AC adores queen mattresses and we’re more than happy to oblige. For all our queen mattress sets at $499+, take off $75. And for our celebrated king mattress sets at $599+, get a humongo $100 off your bill! This coupon offer can’t include previous purchases nor can it be combined with any other offer.

The getting’s always good for mattress deals at Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding!

$25 off Twin

$50 Off Full

$75 Off Queen Mattresses

$100 Off King Mattresses