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April 2019 Mattress Ad
Velika Bed

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Get Velika Beds for Top Quality at Factory-Direct Prices

When you choose a Velika Bed mattress from Mel’s Furniture, you get a sleep solution that lives up to its name. “Velika” is Slavic for “great”! That’s no mere hype. Each Velika Bed product is packed with innovative, lab-proven technology to help even restless side sleepers settle in for a refreshing 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY night. You NEED this down time; getting it will add several years to your life as well as being on top of your game the next day. Customers just can’t stop telling us how they LOVE these new mattresses. Here are just some of the ways Velika Bed will revolutionize your sleep experience.

Why Velika Beds Are Great

The strength of Velika Bed mattresses is in their patented Life Edge coils, a development of pocketed coils that effortlessly holds up your tired self so your body and mind can recharge. No more painful pressure points! Support foam is made of eco-friendly Talalay latex buttressed by real cotton. A secret of Velika Beds’ unparalleled comfort is their use of real New Zealand-shorn wool treated with a bit of white jasmine on the toppers. This natural solution delivers airflow, temperature control, and moisture-wicking to give you the mattress “ride” of your life. Literally top off your Velika Bed mattress with your choice of plush or firm duvet.

How Velika Beds Help YOU

Our awesome selection of Velika Bed products especially benefits those of you who prefer sleeping on one side. While this position is good for you in that your spine straightens as you rest, finding a mattress to suit this most uneven part of your body has been a challenge, that is, until Velika Bed came on the scene. At last you have a mattress that “gets” you. Enjoy total support so your tired muscles can take a break!

When you want to upgrade, get Velika Bed mattresses to do so affordably, always a bargain at our Atlantic City, NJ store, where factory-direct bedding means massive savings for you! In any language, Velika Bed means “Great!”

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