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At Mel's Furniture, our mattress warehouse and showroom are fully stocked with the following mattress and box spring sizes...

    Twin Size (39 x 74)
    Full Size (54 x 74)
    Queen Size (60 x 80)
    King Size (76 x 80)

If you're looking at Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Serta, Simmons or Velika brand beds, make sure you check out our full inventory of high quality (including Tempur-Pedic) mattresses and box springs!

You won't find a cheaper, more discounted mattress set price out there!

Over 100 types of Bedding available every day of the week! Never a special order.

Please visit Mel's furniture and mattress store or call (609) 703-7758
for information.

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Choosing the Right Mattress

The top way to ensure you’ll wake up refreshed is to sleep on the proper mattress. Your sleep position is the #1 factor to consider when mattress shopping. Not all mattresses are created equal and different comfort levels are meant to accommodate specific sleep positions.

Which Mattress Matches Your Sleep Position?

• Plush Mattresses

Sleeping on your stomach requires a delicate balance of firm and soft. Too soft and your back will arch. Too firm and your midsection will experience a lot of pressure.

A plush-style mattress is ideal for this balancing act. Peruse our collection of plush mattresses available in a variety of sizes at our Atlantic City, NJ mattress store gallery.

• Pillow Top Mattresses

If you sleep on your side, what many sleep experts say is the best sleeping position, you want a firm mattress. Not too firm though. You need support and comfort. The pillow top mattress is ideal for side sleepers. It balances firm support and cozy comfort perfectly.

• Box Top Mattresses

Sleeping on your back, on the correct mattress, is a stellar way to alleviate lower back pain. Most sleep experts recommend a mattress with a padded top and a sturdy coil support system for this sleep position. If this is how you sleep, a box top mattress is ideal.

Double Your Savings

We also offer a price match guarantee and remove salesman commission. Bring us any competitor’s mattress ad and we’ll match the price to bring your big savings on our entire mattress store collection.

Average Salesperson Commission Cart

  • Mattress Sets Above $1,200 brings in $150 Commission
  • Mattress Sets Between $799-$1199 brings in $100 Commission
  • Mattress Sets Below $798 brings in 6% Commission
You’ll deal directly with the owner to streamline your buying experience and cut out the nitty gritty of dealing with pushy salesmen out for a commission.
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Put your mattress shopping problems to bed with a high-quality mattress from our name brand mattress collection boasting name brand mattresses. Visit our Atlantic City, NJ mattress store gallery for discount rates on King, Queen, Double, Full, and Twin. Shop over 100 types of bedding options as well and make your bedroom uniquely you.